About Management Development Center

As one of the longest established providers of accredited post-graduate education in the Gulf, our “blended learning” and “live learning” techniques (where tutors visit host countries to deliver live lectures) both help you to gain a first class, international University degree fitted in around your current employment.

How will blended and live learning benefit me?

Blended and live learning is the best of both worlds, as it enables off campus students to gain all the benefits of face-to-face interaction with tutors via online experiences and tutorial visits without leaving their home country.

Will I miss out on sharing my course with other students?

On the contrary, our students are encouraged to meet to share study notes and discuss progress this can either be face to face, at organized events or online via chat rooms etc.

How about the quality of education and pass rates?

Largely higher*, because, you avoid all the issues arising from having to move overseas, settle-in and adjust to a new culture. As an MDCI student you can concentrate on your course from day one. Also, you have flexibility, so you can study when it suits you, fitted around your work schedule.

* Confirmed by US Dept. of Education report published 2011

What courses do you offer?

As our name suggests we offer Management Development courses to groom you for managerial roles in the future.

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