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    This course will cover the best practices and cutting-edge tactics all marketing professionals must have, especially in these days of the nearly constant change, updates, and in the midst of frequent new approaches by search engines.

    By the end of this course, you will be able to plan and execute your SEO strategy. This course includes updates on SEO tools, tactics, and ranking methods that have reshaped the SEO landscape. Novices will receive a thorough SEO education, while experienced practitioners get an extensive reference to support ongoing

    Course Objectives and Career Options
    • Demystify the role of social media, user data, and algorithms such as Google's Panda and Penguin.
    • Discover tools to track results, measure success, and reverse engineer competitors.
    • Look at opportunities in mobile, local, and vertical SEO
    • Build a high-performing SEO team with well-defined roles

    Course Outline

    1: Basics of Search Engine
    • What is a search engine?
    • Anatomy of a search engine
    • What is query interface?
    • About Search engine results pages
    • Explaining Crawlers, spiders, and robots
    • Databases and SEO
    • Important Search algorithms
    • Retrieval and ranking in SEO
    • Search characteristics
    • Classifying search engines
    • Primary search engines
    • Secondary search engines
    • Targeted search engines
    • How search engines work
    • SEO means hard work
    2: What is SEO?
    • White hat SEO
    • Blackhat SEO
    • Gray hat SEO
    3: The Long Tail Search
    • What is long tail search?
    • How the long tail act
    • Characteristics of long tail keywords
    • Broadhead vs. long tail
    4: Importance of Keywords
    • Why keywords are important
    • Research of keywords
    • Selecting keywords
    • Patterns, proximity, and stemming
    • Natural language vs. Boolean searches
    5: Ranking Factors
    • Amount of text on a page
    • Keyword density
    • Location of keywords on a page
    • Text format and SEO
    • Creating Meta tags
    • Keywords in links
    • Content is king
    • Long-term content planning
    • Keyword density and SEO
    • Domain name
    • Number of pages
    • Page name or URL planning
    • Image name planning
    • About heading tags and their planning
    • Alt attribute
    • Link title
    • Errors ( and 302 )
    • Canonical error
    • Handling page redirections
    • Checking HTTP requests
    • Checking validation of your HTML and CSS
    6: External Ranking Factors
    • Why inbound links are important
    • Link importance (citation index)
    • Link text (anchor text)
    • The relevance of referring pages
    • Increasing link popularity
    • Link building strategies
    7: Off-Page Optimization
    • URL submission taking in account
    • Article submission and its role in SEO
    • Blog submission
    • PPT submission and tips how to create
    • Directory submission
    • Classified submission
    • Press release submission
    • Forum posting and guest comment
    • Image optimization
    • Video optimization
    • PDF submission
    • Local Listing
    • Question and Answers
    8: Social Media Optimization
    • Blogging
    • Social search
    • Social networks
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • RSS Feeds
    • Google+
    9: Preparing Status Reports
    • How to plan weekly SEO
    • How to create status for the client
    • Analysis report
    • Ranking analysis
    • Analysis our competitors
    10: Penalties
    • Penalties
    • Types of Manual Penalties
    • Links Google Does Not Like
    • Link Cleanup Process
    • Sources of Data
    • Using Tools
    • The Link Removal Process
    • Conclusion
    11: Mobile, Local, and Vertical SEO
    • The Mobile Landscape
    • SEO for Mobile
    • App SEO: Deep Linking and Indexing for Mobile Search
    • App Deep Linking
    • App Indexing
    • Optimizing for Vertical Search
    • Universal Search = Blended Search
    • The Opportunity Unleashed
    • Optimizing for Local Search
    • Local Listing Submissions
    • Google My Business
    • Google Knowledge Graph Carousel
    • Business Website Optimization for Local Search
    • Optimizing for Image Search
    • Image Optimization Tips
    12: Tracking Results
    • Why Measuring Success Is Essential to the SEO Process
    • The Tracking Cycle: Produce, Launch, Measure, Refine
    • Establishing a Proper Baseline
    • Using Analytics as a Business Case for SEO
    • Measuring Search Traffic
    • Basic Overview
    • Selecting the Right Analytics Package
    • Extracting Valuable SEO Data in Web Analytics
    • Number of pages getting search traffic
    • Segmenting Search Traffic
    • Referring Sites
    • Using Custom Analytics Dashboards
    • Taking a Deeper Look at Action Tracking
    • Separating the Analytics Wheat from the Chaff
    • Tying SEO to Conversion and ROI
    • Increasing Conversion
    Target Audience
    This course is suitable for a variety of professions and for all levels of marketing and business experience. This course is designed for those with the responsibility of developing or implementing an organisation's online marketing strategy, such as:
    • Senior Management
    • Marketing and Business Development Managers
    • Marketing Executives
    • Small Business Owners
    • IT Managers
    • Anyone who would like to pursue a career in digital marketing
    Meet the Course Instructor
    Nasir Jamal
    Our Trainer is Google Adwords, Analytics, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Certified Digital Marketer and Trainer. He has Master degree in Information Engineering and Computer Science from Robert Gordon University-UK and 8 Years of International Working Experience in UK and UAE in Digital Marketing. تحديث بتاريخ 01 December, 2020

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