Learners Point Training Institute Autodesk Revit MEP 2018 Learners Point Training Institute
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  • مدة الدورة التدريبية: 24 ساعة
  • مواعيد الدورة: استفسار

    تفاصيل الدورة

    The course is intended to introduce participants to the software's user interface and the basic HVAC, electrical, and piping/plumbing components that make the Autodesk Revit software a powerful and flexible engineering modeling tool. The training course will also familiarize students with the tools necessary to create, document, and print the parametric model. The examples and practices are designed to take the students through the basics of a full MEP project from linking in an architectural model to construction documents.

    Course Topics
    1. Import AutoCAD files into Revit
    2. Link Revit models
    3. Copy levels and set up monitoring
    4. Create floor plans
    5. Use Worksheets
    6. Resolve Coordination Review Errors
    1. Electrical: Tag components
    2. Create sheets
    3. Electrical: Create panel schedules
    4. Add and modify text
    5. Add and modify dimensions
    1. Differentiate system and component families
    2. Edit Family Connectors
    3. Create a new family type
    1. Electrical: Add and modify receptacles
    2. Electrical: Add and modify panels
    1. Electrical: Create and modify circuits
    2. Electrical: Add and modify lighting fixtures
    3. Electrical: Add and modify switches
    4. Electrical: Create and modify lighting circuits
    5. Electrical: Create and modify switching circuits
    6. Electrical: Add and modify conduit
    7. Electrical: Use cable trays
    8. Electrical: Add and modify switch systems
    9. Electrical: Create Distribution System
    10. Electrical: Add and modify security devices
    11. Electrical: Add and modify wiring
    12. Electrical: Generate automatic wire layouts
    13. Electrical: Check circuits and disconnects
    14. Perform interference check
    15. Electrical: Work with Spaces
    16. Electrical: Perform a Lighting Analysis
    17. Electrical: Work with Fire Alarm Devices
    18. Electrical: Work with Site Lighting
    1. Electrical: Add and modify wiring
    2. Electrical: Generate automatic wire layouts
    3. Electrical: Check circuits and disconnects
    4. Import AutoCAD files into Revit
    5. Link Revit models
    6. Copy levels and set up monitoring
    7. Create floor plans
    8. Use work sets
    9. Resolve Coordination Review Errors
    1. Mechanical: Tag ducts and piping
    2. Create sheets
    3. Add and modify text
    4. Add and modify dimensions
    5. Mechanical: Create duct/pipe legends
    6. Legends
    1. Differentiate system and component families
    2. Edit Family Connectors
    3. Create a new family type
    1. Mechanical: Add and use mechanical equipment
    2. Mechanical: Add and modify air terminals
    3. Mechanical: Add and modify ducts
    4. Mechanical: Add and modify return ducts
    5. Mechanical: Add and modify duct accessories and fittings
    6. Mechanical: Work with heating and cooling zones
    7. Plumbing: Add and modify fixtures
    8. Plumbing: Add and modify piping
    9. Plumbing: Add and use plumbing equipment
    10. Plumbing: Create a plumbing system
    11. Plumbing: Create a Riser Diagram
    12. Firefighting
    13. Sprinkler
    14. Fire Alarm
    15. Fixtures
    16. Plumbing: Add and modify pipe accessories
    17. Mechanical: Add and modify placeholder duct
    18. Mechanical: Define a duct system
    19. Mechanical: Work with spaces
    20. Plumbing: Add and modify placeholder pipe
    21. Size duct and pipe systems
    22. Perform interference check
    23. Check duct and pipe systems and disconnects
    1. View models
    2. Apply view templates
    3. Create detail views
    4. Mechanical: Create and label HVAC plans
    5. Plumbing: Create a plumbing view
    6. Plumbing: Create and label plumbing plan
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