OSHA - Construction Industry Training Program Gulf Test Safety Consultancies
السعر: TBC
  • الفروع الأُخرى: ديرة - دبي
  • مدة الدورة التدريبية: 30 Hours

    تفاصيل الدورة

    Course Overview

    This course covers thirty (30) hours of training, required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA), that apply toward the 30-hour Construction Industry course completion card. The course is comprised of 25 sections, each either one or two hours in length, and covers topics pertaining to regulations covered by Standard 29 CFR 1926. The successful completion of this course will help to meet the Construction Industry standards established by OSHA.


    • Locate OSHA Standards references applicable to specific hazardous conditions and practices (Introduction to OSHA Standards)
    • Recognize the aspects of 1926 Subpart C (General Safety and Health Provisions)
    • Implement preventative measures for accidents in their workplace (Subpart D- Occupational health and Environmental Controls)
    • Describe types of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the requirements for use in OSHA standards (Subpart E- Personal Protective Equipment)
    • Understand the requirements for fire protection in the workplace (Subpart F- Fire Protection and Prevention)
    • Identify types of rigging equipment used to protect employees (Subpart H- Rigging; Subpart N- Cranes and Rigging)
    • Identify the critical health and safety hazards of welding and cutting in the construction industry (Subpart J- Welding and Cutting)
    • Identify common electrical hazards and related OSHA standards (Subpart K- Electrical Standards)
    • Understand the importance of scaffolding for workers in elevated workplaces (Subpart L- Scaffolding)
    • Implement measures for protecting workers and equipment from dangerous falls (Subpart M- Fall Protection)
    • Recognize the hazards associated with working in or around excavation sites (Subpart P- Excavations)
    • Understand the safety requirements necessary to protect workers around concrete and masonry jobs (Subpart Q- Concrete and Masonry)
    • Identify the precautions and hazards to protect workers using explosives or blasting agents (Subpart T- Demolition)
    • Protect workers who perform jobs on or around stairways or ladders at worksites (Subpart X - Stairways and Ladders)
    • List and describe the hazards and prevalence of confined spaces


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    نبذة عن معهد Gulf Test Safety Consultancies

    Gulf Test safety Consultencies  a DUBAI based Health and Safety consulting firm with an experienced team of health and safety professionals. Their goal is to provide effective inspection and training programs to companies requiring professional and economical health and safety solutions.
    GTS professional staff, like all individuals, faced the daily challenges of meeting demanding business needs combined with health and safety legislative requirements.

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