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    • Nirbhay Singh

      More than 12 years of teaching/ training experience and hands on labs for all major IT and Apple courses for individuals and corporate clients in UAE....

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    Course Overview
    CyberModo has trained many individuals and corporate levels and we are proud for share of contribution we made in the lives of those who we have ;
    MS Office is the most widely used software suite in business and office environments.  A solid, working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs is crucial to success in the working world.
    Who is this Course for?
    This course is intended for individuals who want to gain basic and advanced knowledge of working with Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It is designed to train students in 3 aspects of Microsoft Office to be able to understand its use and benefits.
    What will one learn?
    This course covers Microsoft office Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Internet. There are 2 levels for this course, the basic and advanced level. Students will learn formatting, sorting, lists, linking, formulas, protecting documents, working with tables, creating presentations, charts and more.
     Why CyberModo?
    ·      One-to-One or maximum of two students in a batch
    ·      Training on Windows or MAC Computers
    ·      100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    ·      Certified Trainers with 10 years of experience on the same field
    ·      World-class infrastructures.
    ·      KHDA Approved Certifications
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    نبذة عن معهد CyberModo

    CyberModo Solutions is a Training institute specializing in academic and vocational training and certification.

    Students can choose from multiple Educational and Certification courses that will cover the most up-to-date information needed to be successful in today's organizations.

    CyberModo provides clients with the skills they need to maximize their investment by offering them total training solutions.

    CyberModo instructors are highly experienced and skilled in multiple fields, drawing upon real-world scenarios to ensure students learn the most relevant and applicable skills.
    At CyberModo, we will work with you to help identify the courses that will deliver you with the best results!

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