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This course is designed to provide an overview of the structuring and execution of Islamic treasury and liquidity management products, relevant for Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs), corporates, and other related participants in the industry.

It is designed to engender both theoretical knowledge and its practical application in relation to the development and structuring of treasury products from the perspective of liquidity management, legal documentation, operational impact and their related risk management implications for IFIs.

With a level of detail designed for participants involved in directly structuring and executing treasury transactions, the course is equally applicable to anyone working in related departments across the organisational hierarchy. Aside from products and transactional knowledge, the course will explore broader industry context, contemporary drivers, challenges and characteristics with regards to global regulatory trends and their possible impacts on industry direction. It is intended to enable a new degree of thought leadership in the Islamic finance industry.

Learning Objectives:

On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand contemporary money markets and their implications for Islamic treasury products
  • Understand characteristics of Islamic contracts and their application in developing Islamic treasury products
  • Understand theory and practice of Islamic treasury and liquidity management
  • Understand depository and interbank tools within Islamic treasury operations
  • Understand tools used to manage market rate risk in Islamic financial markets
  • Understand Sukuk issuance and its role in Islamic capital markets for liquidity management
  • Understand key market developments in relation to treasury products and hedging instruments
  • Understand the role multilateral bodies play in standardization
  • Understand implications of global regulation on Islamic liquidity management
  • Become thought leaders in engaging industry challenges within Islamic liquidity management
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