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Safety World  places a very high importance to achieve the required "training effectiveness", This is achieved through the 'Interactive' methodology and proper internal review or revisions to deliver high quality Health & Safety training ctheirses to the student in an easy-to-follow multilingual format to ensure adequate comprehension, familiarity and recall. Safety World   endeavors to provide Consultancy services on an International level to clients from a wide range of industry and business sectors throughout the Middle East and India. 

Excellence in Training & ConsultancyThe knowledge imparted by expert trainers of Safety World  will greatly benefit all those who have embarked on the journey towards Health & Safety professional excellence and those who have a keen interest in Occupational Safety and Health.Our Professional team of Consultants consists of Health & Safety Professionals with a variety of International qualifications and exposure to the world wide HSE Scenario in a wide cross-section of business, industry & commerce. Each consultant has specialist areas of expertise based on their experience.A number of delegates have already experienced and benefitted from the knowledge flow that emancipates from Safety World  Health & Safety Trainers in the last seasons the Middle East and India.

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