About Netwave Unlimited Services, LLC

Netwave Unlimited Services, LLC was founded in the Virgin Islands by a group of local professionals in order to meet the growing demand for qualified workers in the telecommunications field. Our  Workforce Development Program  provides Telecommunication Companies with ready-to-work trained and certified Fiber Optic Technicians/Installers.  

Our Mission:
To improve lives in small communities through specialized training and creation of jobs in the fiber optic field.

Our Partnerships:
Netwave's partnerships allow us to train Technicians/ Installers using up-to-date equipment consistent with what is used in the field.

Our Team:
Our Team is comprised of seasoned professionals with ample experience in public, private, and non-profit sectors. We have over 90 years of combined experience in the fields of engineering, project management, contract administration, line and equipment installation, technology education, information technology management, corporate law, and human resources management.  

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