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GEC provides an intellectually inspiring atmosphere and a superb infrastructure to propagate the best Management Technology practices in its campus. While the Academy brings the latest disciplines and world class practices to its students, it is committed to the goal of excellence and social responsibility. The bottom line at GEC is to adapt and apply the internationally acclaimed concepts to the local context. It is therefore, an Academy that is fast emerging as the first choice of discerning students and demanding employers alike in UAE.

they believe that “To practice what you learn in theory is more difficult in practice than in theory.” Participatory project work and real time research are the important components of GEC pedagogy. These are designed to enhance the inpiduals’ analytical skills and to boost their confidence during presentations and meetings. That is why they emphasize on the importance of skills in management rather than just knowledge. Skills development in GEC is an integral part of the curriculum. It is also about preparing the inpiduals to survive in the competitive world of business. Whether they are entrepreneurs, corporate executives or social workers, the objective at GEC is to assist them in becoming theyll trained professionals who can lead projects as theyll as people.

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