About CSL Academy

Our Mission is to become a trusted cloud-based learning hub, delivering globally accredited professional qualifications and training in the business field, with an interactive e-content format, in multiple languages; to our individual & corporate clients are worldwide.

CSL is fulfilling the increasing demand for internationally recognized professional certification.
CSL is guided by a set of core beliefs promoting education to all professionals who strive to excel in their careers, to advance within their organizations, to expand their career options, to boost their earnings, and to secure their futures.

  • CSL will excel in accessibility by providing professional certification to people from all corners of the world.
  • CSL will boost the organizational effectiveness of corporate clients who invest in education by being a valuable ally, enhancing profitability through leading edge education programs & re-training of their employees.
  • CSL stands for top quality certification programs, the most sought-after programs for the new economy.
  • CSL stands for its principles and applies them vigorously and honestly in its day to day operations.

The CSL brand is the promise we make, and the benefits we deliver. Our brand goes beyond the core product and services we offer to include the business model we employ, our company’s culture, and everything about how CSL conducts its business.

To make CSL a truly great brand means to stand out among the competition, to deliver on our promise to customers, partners, employees, and to establish and maintain a consistent, positive and meaningful relationship with our customers.

At CSL, we follow a rigorous system of internal quality assurance and complaints management.

Our system lets students share their complaints and feedback on the services they receive with the CSL.

CSL will treat all complaints fairly and will deal with them without recrimination. However when we find that a complaint is shown to be frivolous, vexatious or motivated by malice, we might take disciplinary action against the complainant.
As a part of its commitment to ensuring the standard and the quality of its assessments, CSL has established a comprehensive system of checks and validations governing learner assessments.

We understand you are busy so we will not dump significant amount of paper based learning materials on you.
Instead we will provide you with minimal learning materials, an online platform, focus and support to enable you to achieve highest possible level.

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