Established in 2006

About Business Professionals Education Center


BPEC is a specialized Training and Education Center established based on the vision of supporting full and semi- Government and Private Sector, including different industries (financial and non-financial institutions), to support and improve their capabilities and strengthens through providing them with high quality training programs enhance their using the latest management techniques and technologies.

BPEC is committed to strengthening students` analytical and reasoning skills through our tailored materials and professional guidance. BPEC trainers skillfully meet the special requirements of both local and international business throughout the Middle East.

Why choose BPEC?

Your choice of a review course provider could spell the difference between your success or failure. BPEC offers the following distinctive advantages unmatched by other course providers:

Unsurpassed Achievements

BPEC takes pride in being the only course provider in the UAE with candidates scoring as high as 99% in the US CPA Exam and 470 out of 500 in the CMA Exam.

Unparalleled Training Methodology

BPEC’s leading edge is primarily attributed to its distinctive LIVE INSTRUCTION. Lectures are delivered at a level where candidates of different nationalities with varying academic backgrounds can easily comprehend. Theory and concepts are complemented by numerous illustrative examples to enhance candidates’ understanding of the topics covered.

This unique training methodology has produced unbeatable exam results, and will continue to be employed by our faculty who are fully equipped with considerable practical and teaching experience, coupled with unparalleled sense of commitment. Organized lectures delivered in a friendly and highly interactive class format make our candidates outdo the rest.

Exceptionally Streamlined Training Materials

While a variety of published CMA materials abound, they are, oftentimes, not perfectly suited for candidates who lack proficiency in English and/or Accounting. At BPEC, while the latest editions of chosen books are prescribed, candidates are also provided with discreetly streamlined course materials with simplified illustrations using plain and simple English. BPEC’s training materials are the result of extensive efforts to combine the strong points of reference materials recommended by the pertinent professional accounting bodies.

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