About Arrow for Consulting & Training

ACT is an educational consultancy and training organization with main office in Virginia and partner office in Dubai.

The CEO and key founder is Dr. Mamdouh N. Mohamed, a former professor at Johns Hopkins University, Washington who has done a huge number of school inspections and school leadership and teacher trainings in the region and overseas. He is a co-founder of 7 educational organizations across the globe and has done quality Assurance work in USA and the Arabian Gulf  region.

With experience of 33 years as teachers-trainers, They conducted a huge number of specialized workshops for teachers  in the IB, British, American, Indian and local government curricula in UAE, Indonesia, USA, New Zealand and Australia.


  • Help teachers, students and leaders work together as true and equal partners to cater for the needs of students in schools.
  • Enhance the skills of the teachers and school leaders by providing workshops on the most successful strategies.
  • Provide on-going consultations to meet the rising needs of the schools.
  • Review and develop curricula for international organizations.
  • Evaluate schools from A to Z to diagnose specific areas for develop.
  • Provide practical solutions for areas that need development.

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