Company details

A uae Private Affairs office in abu dhabi

Training details

An Abu Dhabi based organization is looking to train some of their staff on 1. Accounting for non-accountants 2. Budgeting and cost estimation Please send the following details of this training, course content, course duration, certification of the training. Would prefer to have a trainer who can speak in English & Arabic.

Training purpose:

To enhance employees skills

  • Location: Abu Dhabi
  • Created: Jul 23, 2018
  • Deadline: Jul 31, 2018
  • Industry/Sector: Private Affairs
  • Course level: Basic - Advance
  • Trainees level: Participants will be mid and senior level
  • Training venue: In-house (Abu Dhabi)
  • Tentative dates: after 10th August 18
  • Timings: Flexible with options
  • Budget: No fixed budgets yet
  • Duration: 2 - 5 Days
  • Course Category: Accounting Finance And Banking
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