Company details

UAE based distributor of polymers and chemical products.

Training details

The organization is looking to train their 3 employees in total who require Excel training; 2 of them on an intermediate level and 1 advance to be trained in their office (in-house).

Training purpose:

to enhance and develop more knowledge and experience in the field

  • Location: Dubai
  • Created: Jan 30, 2019
  • Deadline: Jan 31, 2019
  • Industry/Sector: Plastics
  • Course level: Intermediate - Advance
  • Trainees level: Juniors and seniors
  • Training venue: In-house (Dubai)
  • Tentative dates: By Fevrauary
  • Timings: Flexible with options
  • Budget: Can't disclose yet
  • Duration: Depending on the course
  • Course Category: It Computing And Technology
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