Company details

it is a newly licensed small firm based in Riyadh with approx 11 - 50 staff. The company is an investment Bank specialized in Financial Advisory, Asset Management and Investment Banking activities.

Training details

we are based in Riyadh and would like our new staff to attend the course on financial modeling in Riyadh.

Training purpose:

we would like the staff to have basic knowledge and gain experience as the are new to the company

  • Location: Riyadh
  • Created: Sep 18, 2017
  • Deadline: Sep 24, 2017
  • Industry/Sector: Investment Banking
  • Course level: Basic
  • Trainees level: Junior
  • Training venue: In-house (Riyadh)
  • Tentative dates: December 2017
  • Timings: Depending on the course
  • Budget: Open budget
  • Duration: 2 - 3 Days (Depending on the content)
  • Course Category: Accounting Finance And Banking
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