Company details

A worldwide international Resort located in Sharjah.

Training details

An international hospitality company is looking to train some of their kitchen staff on HACCP. Please share a quotation with course details, prices, and trainers profile. Would also like to have a quotation if you are organizing the Trainers Program in HACCP as their Executive Chef wants to be certified as HACCP Trainer.

Training purpose:

Necessary for Hotels

  • Location: Sharjah
  • Created: Jan 15, 2019
  • Deadline: Jan 17, 2019
  • Industry/Sector: Hospitality
  • Course level: Basic
  • Trainees level: Junior to Mid-level
  • Training venue: In-house (Sharjah)
  • Tentative dates: As soon as possible
  • Timings: Flexible with options
  • Budget: Will go for best rates
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Days (depending on the course)
  • Course Category: Health And Safety
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