Digital and Social Media in Abu Dhabi

The GCC area is known for its proliferation on the technological sector. The UAE, and its capital Abu Dhabi, is no exception. The amount of digital and social media we face on a daily basis is of an extraordinary amount. 

A recent article by Zawya website mentions a campaign by the Aletihad newspaper in Abu Dhabi. This campaign, named "Comment Positively", reached more than 1.5 million people in the UAE, only through the social networks Facebook and Instagram. This case, and many others, reveal how viral and how quickly campaigns, events or videos can be spread.

There are currently 10 Digital and Social Media courses in Abu Dhabi. Through a training course on this subject, you will be able to enhance your SEO skills, social network awareness and marketing strategies. 

Such experience might boost your career to the next level. Either you wish to work on a social media agency in Abu Dhabi or run your own business, your skills will certainly be maximized. It will also open doors for such jobs as Marketing Manager, Social Media Expert or Digital Marketer

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