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We are very pleased to see you here. You just did a big step towards a much better future.

City of London College of Economics – Your best choice!

We offer affordable courses - 100% online - to anyone. 

We provide our students with two kinds of courses: vocational and academic.

You can also get a(n)
  • MBA in Finance
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA in IT
  • Master of Science in Project Management
  • MBA in Marketing
  • Master of Laws in International Law
To register for one of the above courses, you need to visit our website.

We are listed in the Government Register of Verified Learning Providers in the UK (Reference Number: 10089366).

UK diplomas are well-known all over the world and therefore accepted internationally.

You can start and finish anytime (self-paced).

Get one of our diplomas and you are much closer to your dream job than you think. Not only employers will recognise your achievements but everybody will do.

You can either become a specialist or generalist. 

You will be in a good position to be promoted respectfully work in a demanding and well-paid job.

You can make money by promoting our courses and get 20% commission on each course. Immediate payout after student’s payment. Just click on the Affiliate tab on our website.
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