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Westford School of Management United Arab Emirates / Saudi Arabia / Oman / Qatar / Kuwait / Bahrain

Training for 7 subject areas


Westford School of Management brings to you an opportunity to get trained and attain globally reputed certifications conferred by world's leading professional bodies and academic bodies in the UK, delivered using innovative, adaptive and unique training methodologies to hold our programs and perform above the industry standards.

Westford School of Management has a dedicated corporate training arm which aligns its deliverables with Bespoke/Tailor Made programs, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Public Courses (Open Enrollment Programs)

Westford has come a long way in terms of its associations, accreditations and approvals. Its portfolio consists of prestigious British Universities, acclaimed degree awarding bodies and professional bodies.

Bespoke Training/ Tailor Made Programs

“One-Size-Fits-All may not be true for every business neither do we profess this in our training programmes”

Westford provides a wide array of more than 120 topics for the clients to choose from within the domains of management and skills training. The training contents can be customized to suit the specific training needs and requirements of the client.

All the training programs entitles the learners to gain a “Certificate of Participation” issued by IFME, UK / Westford Exeed.

"Excellent programme with good learning experience in the two days , It was a very interactive programme. I really enjoyed attending. I would like more programmes conducted by Dr. Steyn, Really great." - Al Masraf

"This letter of commendation is served to Westford School of Management for outstanding facilitation done on the Emirates NBD Certified Manager Program (CMP) during 2015. Emirates NBD appreciates Dr. Steyn Heckroodt efforts in contributing towards the success of CMP program. Westford School of Management is an approved partner to deliver Management Development Programs." - Emirates NBD

"This is an extremely valuable book to read. It examines the experiences of companies in areas as diverse as watches, wine, cement, computers, automobiles, and even the circus to shed new light on the development of future strategies." - Swatch Group

"AXA Luxembourg, whilst a very small local insurance company (200 employees), is member of the AXA Group, a worldwide leader within the financial services industry. AXA Luxembourg operates in a mature market where competetion is intense and threatening margins. We decided not to consider this situation as fatal but rather as an opportunity to create new unexplored market spaces where competition does not exist. We chose to employ a Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS), which is well known in theory and practice, and to increase our chances to succeed with our project, we sought the guidance of a BOS team: Yoann Sapanel and Richard Morrisseau. We anticipated that they would bring the methodology and tools to life, and encourage the necessary motivation. The project was launched in April with two teams of nine young talented members, each with diverse backgrounds and functions: professionals in the selected business along with others from across the company and independent Agents, members of the sales network. Despite the short time period (three months) and Business As Usual demands, the teams were able to develop innovative ideas to further develop our business, and also generate new creative concepts to grow in saturated markets. They also gained a deeper understanding of the line of business and discovered the importance of Voice of customers and distributors during the interviews they conducted. This seems to be one the most significant added values of the process. It gave them alternative points of view and other insights. The collaboration of diverse talents focused on delivering ambitious short term results was also a real discovery for some of them and a challenge for the team leaders. The presentation made to the Executive Committee was enthusiastic and very promising for the future." - AXA

"I first came across Blue Ocean Strategy a few years ago via an article in the Harvard Business Review. We had started applying the underlying principles of Blue Ocean Strategy late last year as we commenced an intensive review of our future strategy and our core customer markets. When I found out about the Melbourne workshop I jumped at the chance to participate even though we're based in Brisbane. The take home value from the workshop was more than worth the effort not only knowledge but the tools to help us define each critical stage and a deeper understanding of how to apply Blue Ocean Strategy." - Smart Selling

"BOS takes you to another level of exploration and adventure for the business, mind and life. What comes out of that process is that the skys the only limit. The BOS team has been instrumental in facilitating this journey. Raj especially, guides, prompts, and pushes us bankers to delve into the breadth and depth of any possibility. The best part is that he maneuvers the team dynamics with humor and skill." - Maybank

"After reading BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, you will never again see your competition in quite the same light. Kim and Mauborgne presented a compelling case for pursuing strategy with a creative, not combative, approach. Their emphasis on value innovation and stakeholder engagement alone make this book a must-read for both executives and students of business." - Renault

"Up until a few years ago, Samsung was a fast follower busy trying to catch up with the advanced technology and products. However, as the company has joined the ranks of world-class businesses, there is no one to follow. We needed to make a new market space and the way to do it is Value Innovation. Value Innovation is the most superior concept used to create management innovation at Samsung." - Samsung

United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Oman Qatar Kuwait Bahrain
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