Dr Tillmann Boehme

Ph.D (Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management), MBA

Dr Tillmann Boehme is a Faculty Member of AcademyGlobal and an experienced Chief Operating Officer, Facilitator, and University Lecturer. He has consulted to a vast range of industries in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. Tillmann develops and delivers training in face to face and virtual modes of delivery for government, NGO and commercial firms. His areas of expertise centres around applied systems thinking and include operations management, supply chain management, process improvement, quality management, circular economy, innovation management and performance improvement.

Tillmann is renowned for applying holistic systems-based approaches to achieve staff synergies that lead to maximum effectiveness and business acceleration. His approaches are both highly pragmatic and scientifically based resulting in holistic analyses that clearly identify where cost-effective investments will streamline workflows, improve productivity, and access new market opportunities. His engagement philosophy favours enlightenment over diktat as experience shows that staff potential can best be unlocked through education, collaboration, and dialogue.


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management), University of Waikato
  2. Master of Business Administration, University of Waikato