Established in 2000

About FP Consultants International PTE Ltd.

We_they provides public training and customised in-house programmes and has successfully brought our unique training workshops to other cities in Asia Pacific including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, China, India, Thailand and UAE. 

Our unique strength lies in our underlying core value of embracing innovation and technology to provide a holistic and accelerated learning experience which consistently delivers beyond the expected learning outcomes for our clients. Through the use of our proprietary and interactive game-based learning tools and experiential approaches, we have successfully trained the operations and technology pisions of our banking client over a contracted period of five years. 

We_they is also an accredited consultant for the MBTI personality profiling tool since year 2000. We have provided experiential learning workshops and annual one-on-one coaching for the new leadership team of our MNC clients on a yearly basis, since two years ago.

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