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To be or not to be; this is the question which resides in us. All man of clay, our innate differences are subtle and few. The void spanning greatness hinges on existence of mean and will. COMAT holds an intrinsic belief that every inpidual has a potential to be realised. Betterment of society through advancement of its basic unit, empowerment through continuous learning – Upon these axioms were we founded, and today proudly uphold.

Love for the people around us, a desire for a better world, our passion is our profession. COMAT believes learning is a lifelong process and key to a meaningful existence. Spearheaded by a renowned team of highly experienced and motivated trainers, COMAT offers an extensive array of IT, safety and leadership & professional development courses, providing inpiduals with the means to excel.

While adhering to globally accepted quality standards, our intention goes beyond training and certification - COMAT provides a holistic experience, focusing on generation of inductive environments for stimulating philosophical thoughts. True learning lies in instillation of a sense of self-realisation, a will to become who they can be.

We pride ourselves on our innovations, our desire for continuous improvement, and the ability to perceive the needs and wants of each inpidual. Customized approaches for varying needs, we conjure solutions tailored to fit.

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