About Jay Shetty Certification School

Founded in 2020 by Jay Shetty, the Jay Shetty Certification School is an industry-accredited coach training program.

The Jay Shetty Certification School combines Jay’s influential wisdom and experience with traditional theories, industry competencies, and international standards.
  • Life coaching is a growing industry as people from all walks of life are choosing to work with a life coach, to catapult their careers, break free from perceived roadblocks, and improve a particular area of their lives, such as their finances, physical health or relationships.
  • By learning to serve clients in a creative and interactive process, the coaches will inspire their clients to achieve the maximum potential in all areas of their lives. The content is a combination of hard science, industry research, common sense, and ancient wisdom.
  • The best practices from different generations are synthesized into a 120-hour program to deliver information, and content – to aid in the transformation of the student to coach. Not only will the coaches be effective in their technique,they will also have the necessary tools to facilitate the change in the lives of their clients, based on agreed-upon outcomes and goals.
  • The methodology structure is unique, as it is a signature Jay Shetty program, but it incorporates the commonly accepted practices in the coaching industry. 

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