Crochet Diploma Course

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In Part I, you'll learn all about how to crochet, from holding the hook to reading patterns. You'll also learn a range of more advanced techniques.

In Part II, you'll learn about designing crochet pieces and writing patterns. Each section will lead you, step-by-step, through making a different type of item; practice patterns are included to get you started.

In Part III, you'll learn how to start your own crochet business, including the steps necessary for finding your target market, budgeting, and writing a business plan.


  • Module 1: Materials
  • Module 2: Basics I
  • Module 3: Basics II
  • Module 4: Beyond the Basics
  • Module 5: Working With Patterns
  • Module 6: Care and Finishing
  • Module 7: Advanced Techniques
  • Module 8: Intro to Design
  • Module 9: Scarves and Shawls
  • Module 10: Afghans
  • Module 11: Toys and Amigurumi
  • Module 12: Bags
  • Module 13: Jumpers
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