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The Electronics Design Associate certification is an entry level certification in Electronics design.

Why should one take this certification?
The Indian Electronics Industry is going through a very exciting time. In last one year, the Government has announced a slew of policies to accelerate the domestic production of electronics goods ( ESDM policy 2013). Amongst the broad electronics market, certain segments that are expected to drive spectacular growth across the value chain are –
  • Smartphones
  • Set top boxes
  • LED lighting
  • Medical Devices
  • Tablets
At the current rate of growth and development, the Indian ESDM industry could potentially employ crore by 2020 compared to 44 lakh in 2010. This indicates an urgency to develop skilled manpower by creating the necessary institutions, providing infrastructure and encourage collaboration between industry and academia to hone skill ; There is a strong need for standardized certification in Electronics to assess the skill of candidates. A Certified Electronics Design Associate will possess the right skills to the hiring companies looking to hire in this space.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?
Engineering undergraduates, graduates, ITI and polytechnic undergraduates and graduates, working professionals in Electronics looking for a career enhancement can take the Electronics Design Associate Certification.

How is this different from other Electronics Certifications?
Most Electronics certifications offer mock tests. In case of Electronics Design Associate Certification, along with the test, the candidate gets a complete e-book of 13 modules – edited by well-known industry professionals and online virtual labs to refresh his knowledge in Electronics.

Table of Contents

; Introduction to Signals and Spectra
; Amplifiers
; Semiconductor Diodes
; Bipolar Junction Transistor
; Operational Amplifier
; Introduction to Digital Circuits
; Number Systems
; Combinatorial Logic Systems
; Logic Expression and Minimisation
; Combinatorial Logic Modules
; Sequential Logic Systems
; Programmable Logic Devices
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