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Making Workforce Training Simpler . Faster . Affordable

Simply chose courses from our vast catalog of 500+ training you like your employee’s to enrolled in and align with their career learning path and business KPI to achieve this year. Our staff can help you make selection of right courses plan as per employee career learning path with flexible timings (Workshops | WeekEnd | ONLINE| Fast-Track).

More effective on-the-job learning
The skills necessary to stay relevant in a modern workplace change constantly, requiring frequent staff (re)training, be more effective company investment in training’s improves learners’ retention rates by up to 60%; and has the potential to improve productivity, with nearly $30 generated for every dollar spent on training.

In a nutshell, OMNI ACADEMY is a one-stop-training-shop that provides an innovative means of delivering courses tailored to the needs of each individual business.
Visit OMNI ACADEMY, and simplify your training process so that your employees can stay up to date with the things they need to know while getting back to doing what they do best.

We are helping People to Get Valuable Skills and Get Jobs!

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