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We are offering high level training in Lahore for Magento 1.9x and 2.0x twice a week for two months training .. Fast track also available on demand . 
1. Overview of Magento Frontend and Backend 
2. Introducing Magento Theme The basic concepts of a Magento theme • The structure of a Magento theme Creating the theme & Widget Tips and tricks 
3. Creating a Responsive Magento Theme with Bootstrap • An introduction to Bootstrap • Downloading Bootstrap • Downloading and including jQuery • Integrating the files into the theme • Defining the main layout design template • Developing the header • Creating the navigation bar • Developing the footer
4. Customizing Our Custom Theme • Developing the home page • Customizing the left sidebar • Customizing the main content • Customizing the other pages of the theme 
5. Making the Theme Fully Responsive • Using specific CSS media queries • Optimizing the theme for multiple devices • Tips and tools for responsive coding • Adding mobile icon.
7. Building the Extension – Maximum Order Amount • Planning your extension • Registering your extension • Building the configuration options interface 
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