About IET Lebanon

iET goals ? 

iET Provides a complete Interactive education technology solutions through the strategic partnership with Promethean UK the leader and pioneer education technology company in the world .

WIiarsKT Performs? 

iET supports the educational entities schools /Vocational/Training centers/ Learning Businesses and Universities with complete ActivClassroom solutions (Hardware Tools / Software /Consultancy /TTT and Interactive Content design and publishing). 

as use of ICT in education became a must for the 21 st Century to stay ahead of the challenges of the fast growth of Knowledge Economy around the world. Through empoTheyring the educational leaders, both councilors and teachers, by developing interactive curriculum content that nourishes the future students knowledge; and by simplifying the delivery of competences needed to countenance over the challenges of the future market place requirements and wisely working on the essential bases of building, developing and empoTheyring the society and its economy through technology in education tools that inspire the teachers and motivate the students by helping in creating the Learning styles hub.

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