About Gulf Centre for University Education

GCUE is established to be a highly regarded academic institution with excellent links with local and international academic institutions.

GCUE is a licensed office from Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait. their activities focus mainly on the recruitment of Kuwaiti and international students through recruiters based in various countries. their operations extend beyond Arab World limits to Institutions in The UK, The USA, Australia, and Canada.

GCUE's reputation for quality is not only built through recruiting students internationally, it is also built through:

Serving all educational training needs for inpiduals & corporations locally and internationally.

Organizing education events (exhibitions, seminars, workshops…etc.) in Kuwait.

Over the last ttheynty years GCUE has been responsible for providing an educational opportunity for more than thousands of students who have registered for various Bachelors, Masters Degree and Doctorate ctheirses in different Area from all over the world. 

The above clearly outlines the fundamental reasons for the existence of GCUE.

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