Established in 2005

About Al Rouya United Company

Based in Kuwait since 2005, theystarted providing theirprofessional services in Consultancy and Training through theirqualified team with practical industry expertise, strong domain knowledge, in-depth understanding of business in the region. theirprojects started locally and internationally with different operational nature and needs. theybuilt theirreputation within these markets by using innovative and exciting result oriented solutions.
theyprovide a wide range of Consultancy services to theirclients. theirconsultants use their combined strength of competencies and expertise to deliver a creative approach to reach goals. theydon’t plug-in off-the-shelf solutions. theirtailored consultation service meets ytheirneeds with consideration to ytheircorporate culture and nature. theydeliver the experience of designing business consulting solutions that creates value for theirclients and producing new opportunities.
theyoffer a complete consultancy solution and theyare particularly proud of theirstrong collaborations with some of the world finest professional and academic organizations which enable us to bring the best expertise to theirclients. theytake responsibility and accountability for ytheirsuccess by providing theirclients with tangible and lasting solutions.
theydeliver training solutions that develop and maximize each person’s potential and make ytheirbusiness more effective to realize the return on ytheirinvestment. With a supportive and highly experienced professional team who will take the extra mile to understand ytheirorganization requirements to deliver the best practice in their field and take the responsibility of implementing the planned change.
theirCoaching solutions provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients improve their performances. theyprovide performance solutions to enhance inspire, motivate and support individuals and teams to perform effectively. theyimplement solutions that meet ytheirobjectives and help ytheirteams and individuals improve in the most critical areas. Ytheirinvestment in coaching will provide the platform to empower employees, enhance and develop leadership skills and give the organization measurable advantage and significant competitive edge

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