About Ubunifu College

Ubunifu College is market driven model of higher education delivering competency-based certifications consistently to produce brilliant talent on cutting edge technologies such as Software Engineering, AI, Data Science, Robotics & Blockchain. Ubunifu is a hybrid of a University, a coding bootcamp and a startup accelerator.

Our focus is to develop students’ capacity to innovate by constantly immersing them into a vigorous study exercise that simulates real world problem solving challenges. Students join with an idea of what they want to build at the end of their study and our job is to focus on helping them achieve their dreams by creating tech strartup companies out of their ideas. At Ubunifu, students don’t graduate with certificates and hats but they graduate when they launch their startup to market. We also have a Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development known as Ubunifu Labs. Here we do research on some problems facing the general consumer market and offer viable solutions.

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