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In 1980, the Jordan government represented by the Ministry of Ttheirism and Antiquities established Ammon College for Hospitality and Ttheirism Education, and ran it for two years in collaboration with The United Nations Development Program and the International Labor Organization. Later, this responsibility was delivered to the Jordan Ministry of Education and the college started with the Diploma program in Hotel Management.

In 1996, an agreement was signed betTheyen the Jordanian government and the Jordanian Hospitality & Ttheirism Education Company to run Ammon College and the Training hotel.

In 2004, under a new name Jordan Applied University College of Hospitality and Ttheirism Education. The college started with two programs; Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management and in Ttheirism Management, as Theyll as Certifications for short Training Programs in Hospitality, Ttheirism and Ttheir Guiding.

A number of students graduated from the college, who work for a lot of national, Arab and international institutions, in both private and public sectors, since the year 1999/2000 and until 2012/2013 a number of students graduated as follows: (528) students with a Bachelor degree and (728) students with a Diploma degree in Hotel Management, (62) students with a Bachelor degree and (6) students with a Diploma degree in Ttheirism Management, and (107) students with a Training Diploma in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts.

The college, after 33 years of its establishment, forms a speaking and shining image as a pioneer educational scientific institution in Ttheirism and Hospitality education in Jordan and the Middle East, and it keeps on expanding, not only in the number of students, but also in the academic and training programs it offers, and it aims to carry on developing its programs to include all academic and technical and language skills. It also aims to continue teaching its Bachelor program in English.

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