About Change Zone

Change Zone started on 2005 with a driving passion to make a difference in the local and international community. Chang Zone provides a unique experience of change. Chang Zone facilitates and coaches “Positive Change Initiatives”.

Positive Change Initiatives are holistic development programs that address real-world complexity with Critical Systems Thinking Interventions.
Critical Systems Thinking Interventions addresses change initiatives with efficacious methodologies that make positive changes to systems dynamics.

That is, interventions should make the right changes (including formulation and execution improvements) that ensure the organization’s well-being on the short, as well as, the long term. Improving problematic situations requires deriving improvements that are feasible and desirable in a given context.
Change Zone innovatively integrates the principles of behavior change with developmental programs. It aligns your learning with your purposes, coaches to experiment in practice, and to nurture positive attitudes.

Change Zone attracts change agents among corporate and individuals. Change agents are serious about results, and exercise self-discipline to achieve the desired state of change

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