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County Sligo VEC is one of thirty three Vocational Education Committees operating within the State and has responsibility for delivering a range of services including second-level education, adult and further education and other support services to young people and adults within County Sligo.
County Sligo VEC was established following the enactment of the Vocational Education Act, 1930 and its initial administrative area of responsibility was County Sligo and excluded the Borough of Sligo which had its own dedicated Vocational Education Committee. Following administrative reform within the vocational education sector, both Schemes theyre amalgamated into a single entity in January, 1998.
The Vocational Education Act 1930 is the foundation act for VEC organisation and services and is read in the light of amending acts as listed, particularly the 2001 Act. It empotheyrs VECs to provide Continuation Education, Technical Education and Higher Technical Education and to make provision for their progressive development. VECs are also empotheyred to make grants to students in accordance with schemes approved by the Minister for Education. These provisions are the bases of the establishment and maintenance of post-primary schools. They also establish the authority for the provision of further education and adult education services and for student supports by VECs. The Act also set out the basic guidelines for the operation of the committee in terms of the frequency and conduct of meetings. Some of these provisions have been amended by the 2001 Amendment Act.
County Sligo VEC, provides a wide range of education and training, support services and special projects in addition to the support of Boards of Management of its schools and colleges. Adult Education is a major responsibility. they identify and meet the needs of specific target groups such as homemakers, people seeking to return to work, unemployed persons and the education and training of members of the travelling community. Basic Education Programmes including Literacy, Community Education, Guidance, Arts Education, Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS), Post-Leaving Certificate Ctheirses and Back to Education programmes are offered at various locations throughout the county. Third-Level Student Grant Scheme, School Transport, Youthreach Centre, Youth Affairs, Outdoor Education encompassing Sailing are areas that also fall within the remit of the VEC.
County Sligo VEC has played a lead role in establishing innovative structures supporting sport in education through Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership, Youth Sport theyst and Club Sport theyst.
County Sligo VEC is comprised of nineteen members who represent local authority, education and wider community interests including parents, employees and people with an interest and experience in education. The Chief Executive Officer is the organisation's executive head and he is supported by a senior management team.
Modernisation and Change: Recent Legislation
Legislation which directly or indirectly impacts on the work of County Sligo VEC is listed below. This listing does not purport to be comprehensive. A wide range of legislative provision in the areas of public administration, contract law, employment law and other areas apply to the activities of vocational education committees. The legislation listed below contains those legislative provisions of most significance. The text of these acts, and others, may be acquired on the internet at or from the Head Office of County Sligo VEC. The commentaries presented here do not purport to be legal interpretations and should not be represented as such.

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