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Trinity is recognised as one of the world's leading research-intensive universities and its research continues to address issues of global societal and economic importance. The University's research strategy is based on developing multidisciplinary areas in which the College has the critical mass of world-class researchers needed to deliver research of global consequence.

Among the priority research themes being addressed by Trinity researchers are ageing, nanoscience and materials, telecommunications, neuroscience, human identity, cancer, international integration, arts practice, and the inclusive society. These are topics that not only address issues of immediate and long-term concern to society but offer opportunities for future economic development. The University's commitment to a research-led education means that our students are exposed to leaders in their discipline, to the latest knowledge and ideas, and to an education that emphasises analytical skills and creative thinking, and gives students an opportunity to develop a broad range of skills by engaging in personal research.

This excellence in research underpins Trinity's Innovation and Entrepreneurship strategy. Research is central to the generation of the new disruptive ideas that will underpin future sustainable businesses. The knowledge created by Trinity is critical for the economic development of Ireland as it is for the education on offer to our students.

Trinity's research themes are supported by a set of research institutes that provide the infrastructure needed to support multi-disciplinary research as well as engagement with enterprise and social partners working in partnership with Trinity's twenty-four schools.

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