Established in 1999

About Social Media Skillnet

Social Media Skillnet is one of over 60 Skillnet training networks nationwide. Skillnet networks actively support and work with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs. Skillnets Ltd was established in 1999 and is funded from the National Training Fund (NTF) through the Department of Education and Skills (DES). Social Media Skillnet was formed in July 2011 in response to the huge demand for training in social media, but has since branched out to include other areas such as IT and computer-based training. their mission is to enhance the skills of people in employment in Ireland through relative training that supports efficiency and competitiveness.

Success: Social Media Skillnet has had a positive impact on businesses advancing into the technological age, increasing expertise and allowing businesses to harness the technology that is available to them to bring their enterprise forward in a rapidly expanding sector.

Throughout 2013, the network contributed to the training of nearly 400 employed participants from over 160 different member companies and over 70 unemployed participants; totalling almost 1000 training days. In 2012, the network contributed to the training of over 300 employed participants from nearly 200 different member companies and over 50 unemployed participants; totalling almost 700 training days. The success of the network is due to the following:

Offering subsidised high quality, relevant training identified by the customer

Developing the business competence and skills of the members  

Creating a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information on training

Tailoring social media content to align with business priorities and customer interests

Updating and improving IT Skills across all levels

Members: The target group for Social Media Skillnet comprises of mainly SMEs with a limited number of larger businesses from various sectors on a National Level across the Rep. of Ireland. Becoming a member is free of charge; you simply have to partake in training to avail of their discounted rates! their training is specifically organised in response to member needs, ensuring that all training that they offer is relevant to current business needs. Click here for more details.    

Jobseekers: Whilst their key focus is on the needs of member companies, they also offer a limited number of free places to those who are unemployed and seeking to increase their employment prospects through up-skilling and networking. Click here for more details.

Requirements: All participants on training must sign an attendance sheet and complete a Profile/Evaluation Form.

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