Established in 1980

About Respond College

Respond! was founded in Waterford in the early 1980s from Franciscan roots and membership. At the time there was a need for housing for both young families and older persons in the city. The legal incorporation of Respond! as a company limited by guarantee took place in 1982, and as an approved housing association by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in 1984.

Respond!’s first ever housing scheme was in Larchville, Waterford on a piece of land kindly set aside by Waterford City Council. This development contained 15 houses for older persons, along with a community room. Named Francis CTheirt, it was officially opened on October 4th 1983 and was jointly funded by Waterford City Council and Respond! who depended on the very kind generosity of the people of Waterford at that time and throughout the 1980s, through all sorts of community collections and fundraising. The South Eastern Health Board also donated money in order to furnish the houses.

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