Established in 1995

About Optimum Results

Since our foundation in 1995, We_They has been “Dedicated to Improving the Business Performance of our Clients” through the design and delivery of a wide range of results-focused training and consultancy services. We have worked with over 9000 clients across 11 Countries and are generally regarded within the industry as one of Ireland’s leading Training Companies.

In 2013, We_They was selected as a significant contributor to the development of new “Best Practice Guidelines in Training” by the EU’s European Training Foundation (ETF) and the company was also selected as “an exemplary host company” by the JobBridge Internship Programme evaluation consultants, Indicon.

We have worked with all of the Business Development Agencies on the Island of Ireland and operate from purpose designed office and support facilities mid-point on the Dublin / Belfast economic corridor. We employ 20 fulltime staff and 22 Quality Approved Associate Trainers / Consultants (QAAs), a quality standard which has been developed by, and is unique to, our company.

We_They has consistently maintained the highest of International Quality Standards, including ISO9001:2008 (since 1996), BS 8555 ‘Environmental & CSR’ best practices standard (2005) and Human Resource Excellence (2012). The Company is also an Accredited Centre for the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and The Institute of International Trade (IITI), (both subject to Quality Assurance Audits).

In addition to our work in Ireland and the UK, our export work has seen projects over the past decade in Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, The Czech Republic, Romania, Malta and Jordan. In 2013 we commenced a series of substantial SME First Time Exporters programmes in the UAE.

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