Established in 1988

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The “Irish International School of Sports Massage” was founded in 1988 by Frances Daly MSc. to provide a centre of excellence in training for Therapists in Ireland. The cTheirses run at the college are part-time, evening and Theyekends to meet the needs of students - (for those who are studying as a hobby, career change or for personal development). 

   Their motto is: “That education is a Life Long Learning process”

The college believes that knowledge of both theoretical and practical skills are vital to be a success in the working environment. They also understand that people learn differently therefore all students have specific learning needs to meet the high standards of training in their chosen cTheirse. The college provides many hTheirs of extra specialised supervised tuition both theory and practical to help students that required that extra help.  

A qualified skilled therapist is a much sought after person. Aromatherapy, Sports Massage Therapy and Holistic therapies are not new. They have been used for centuries by many cultures to help people of all walks of life and sports to achieve a higher level of performance. Knowledge empoTheyrs people to take control of their career.

Essential oils and Sports Massage therapy when incorporated into a training programme gives that extra edge that helps keep the body finely tuned. They may be compared to the fine-tuning of a racing car 

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