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Forus Training has been providing a unique blend of high quality specialised ctheirses to a very satisfied clientele for over a decade. Since its establishment in 2000, Forus Training has;

Assisted Businesses increase their bottom line, by up-skilling their taskforce and retraining them in other more profitable areas of the business,

Designed ctheirses in growing industries and trained Jobseekers in these empoyable industries, while also providing links to employers for real work experience,

Trained clients in a number of Pitman ctheirses and linked with employers.

“It is their specific aim at Forus Training, to not only provide outstanding training ctheirses for their perse range of clients, but to also enhance and improve employer’s production lines and taskforce efficiency and functionality, by providing expert Advice, Guidance and Consultancy. they pride theirselves on their unique experience of dealing with struggling companies and turning them around and up-skilling workers in key employment areas. Above all, it is their pleasure to share their specialised experience and skills with their valued clients and open the door to success for so many businesses and employers and watch them grow and thrive in the demanding world they now live in”.

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