Established in 1975

About Cork Language Centre International ACET

ACET is a reputable English school with a wide range of ctheirses, with over 38 years of experience and still improving. Since their foundation in 1975, they have developed the expertise to help you to achieve ytheir language learning objectives. they are proud of the international reputation their English ctheirses enjoy and the attention they devote to each student. In selecting ACET, you are investing in a quality service. they guarantee you academic excellence, accommodation of the highest standard and an unrivalled support service.
they base academic success on understanding ytheir learning needs. Ytheir teachers integrate ytheir objectives in the ctheirse content and carefully monitor ytheir progress to ensure ytheir english ctheirse is challenging and objectives are met.
You have many opportunities to enjoy a uniquely enriching cultural experience during ytheir time in Cork. their stimulating social programme gives you the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world. Living in an Irish home gives you an unforgettable insight into the Irish way of life. Lonely Planet has voted Cork to be one of the top 10 cities to visit!!
Throughout ytheir time in Cork, you have the support of their dedicated and friendly administration staff who ensure that ytheir stay is enjoyable and rewarding.
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