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We at Labsys are concerned about our environmental protection performance on two fronts. First, we are aware of our responsibility for the environmental compatibility of the products we produce. Second, we take pains to ensure the greatest possible resource efficiency and the lowest possible emissions in our operations. To those ends, we engage in systematic environmental management to reduce our carbon foot print.

Labsys, primarily being an IT services and implementer, has to maintain pages of documentation, related to their clients, vendors and consultants, which, traditionally has been in the form of paper documents.

Labsys, determined to bring about a change and help conserve natural habitat, started thinking in terms of being eco friendly and that’s when the management came across the concept of ‘Natural Capitalism’.

Of the several initiatives that we started here are a few to begin with

  • We started digitizing all the documents, thereby reducing the paper consumption. Majority of our documents are now in the form of PDF files, a small effort towards going green.
  • We recycle paper, that way they seemingly lowered the amount of paper wastage. Also, we have reduced the amount of printing, thereby reducing the carbon foot print on the environment.
  • We have also taken other steps towards helping the environment. All Labsys employees have to turn off their computers before they leave work. Also, Labsys keeps a track of the office energy consumption, evaluates the average energy usage per square foot of office space, and tries to make use of best practices to reduce energy consumption. We also educate and share energy conservation studies with the employees and encourage education and innovation within the organization.
  • We offer employees incentives to ride public transportation or participate in car/van pooling
  • In our recent Go-Green drive we have planted 500 tree saplings.
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