Established in 2008

About The IG Club

With more than 10,000 students studying IGCSE in Egypt each year, the need for an organization that provides them with services they need and to gather IGCSE community members (students, teachers, alumni and centres) under one umbrella where they can find that IGCSE is not just an exam but it’s a life.

“Five years ago I was an IGCSE student with lots of spare time, not much to do, and no work experience. However, going through my second year of IG, the social life was just amazing. I used to check Flying Colours Website on a daily basis; it was just great method of communication with other IGCSE students. It was also a very reliable guide to know what Subjects to select for studying and what the requirements for different universities and majors are (Tansik). The website was really great and helpful.

One day by chance I saw a post on the forum by Mr Karim Nower (the IT Examinations Officer at the British Council at the time) which announced that they are looking for volunteers to work on the website for better communication. On that note, some friends said they wanted to help and I got very excited about the idea.

We had our first meeting where we did not know what we are going to do exactly. As we were figuring everything out, we were having lots of meetings, we were very enthusiastic to get a glimpse of professional life and felt like adults.

We started with a team of editors for the website and we were nine of different ages, interests, experiences and skills. We had good times, hard times and fights. Our leader told us that this was very natural and we discovered that they were stages of TEAM building.

The Team grew up from 9 to 90; we shifted our work from Online to Offline as well and had beautiful interaction with the IGCSE community. I wrote articles about exams and what students thought of and what they are looking for from the British Council and examinations boards.

Flying Colours Team engaged in an excellent way with students, not because we had resources as much as we could UNDERSTAND students. It was from Student to Student and no borders in between. Flying Colours Team was the British Council’s star on 2008; we did the FIRST IGCSE FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT which was more than amazing for both boys and girls. Also we did One Million hits event which was great as well. Not to mention that Flying Colours Team made an environment friendly car which ran on electrical energy and won the first place in a competition held on the International environment day.

It was time well spent as, not only did I make new friends and connections, I gained great experience through working in every single detail and project held by Flying Colours team like Events Management, administrative work, advertising and many other areas.

‘Flying Colours’ was the best thing that ever happened to me because simply it made me the person I am today. I am keen to work, innovate and never give up.”

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