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We_They in Cairo Egypt, or IIC Arabic & Qur’an was recently re-established in 2012. The Institute’s owner and founder was also the owner and founder of former Cairo We_They. With the help of Allah, the All Mighty All Wise, the Institute’s staffs and managements have been teaching Classical Arabic Language and Qur’anic Sciences successfully for more than 10 years to thousands of students from all segments of the world. Due to continuous increase in demand for Classical Arabic Language and Qur’anic Sciences worldwide, especially ONLINE ARABIC, QUR’AN, & ISLAAMIC STUDIES, the Institute therefore felt the need to and expand and become an International Institute that will be recognized worldwide as a major contributor to international relations, world peace and global diversity. An International Institute that will teach and implement the authentic teachings of Islaam to Muslims as well as non-Muslims all over the world in order to realize world peace and global security.

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