Established in 2014

About IBS Training Academy

The opening of the Academy of EPS for training in early 2014 .. as a center-based training on the thought and the vision and mission of a special character, combining this Alwaleed Center bettheyen the spirit of youth and experience adult within the Working Group Academy, the Academy aims to provide the usual training services, but contemporary style talk , blends theoretical restaurant training applications and professional process .. Valokadimih mainly based on the rehabilitation of trainees to the labor market after providing them with everything they need from the scientific and theoretical material that theyigh their knowledge before going to the practical and the practical side. 
they are in the Academy of EPS training they put the goals and vision and the message theyre created to fulfill the academy in mind always, so as not to drown out the profit equation and gain and loss never achieve their strategic vision, which crystallize in the desire of academic management firm with the help of each trainee needs to be the same rehabilitation and development of its potential to become the addition to the labor market and not burden it. 
they are in the Academy of ABC S training always strive to provide community support to be, where the Academy duty to the community by providing free professional workshops without restrictions or conditions, during frequent intervals, in order to do community their duty towards the nation in which they live, it can not achieve the vision of the academy and a message without doing support and assistance to the community in which it operates the academy. 
Not only the ambitions of academic administration stop at providing training services in various fields, where they also seek here to provide a unique set of unique and exclusive training programs, training Valhakaib they do it Taatmazh was unique and up to date content in its entirety, they also they offer a unique combination bettheyen Ctheirses and training ctheirses in addition to providing professional diplomas and certificates of professional mini-Masters, and varied methods and means of training at the Academy, while the Academy has the necessary equipment and halls equipped for the establishment of ctheirses within the Academy's headquarters, but they also have the technical equipment the latest to offer their services training remotely from through the Internet, where it is the Academy EPS of months training centers that theyre not the most famous and distinctive in the delivery of online ctheirses and distance training through the Internet, as the Academy to provide training services in factories and companies and institutions in accordance with the protocols concluded cooperation bettheyen these institutions and Academy. 
Featuring approved certificates Academy IPS training as certificates of tamper-proof, and carry each certificate of such certificates unique number registration, anyone can validate the certificate by entering the academic site on the Internet, and enter the registration number of the certificate to make sure the owner name and its data, and therefore longer Academy IPS training is the first private training academy owns the verification of certificates approved of them in the whole Arab world system

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