Established in 2007

About Grow Skills

GrowSkills Academy for training and human resource development institute that, since its inception in 2007 has aspired to become one of the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development. Its mandate is the design and delivery of academic and training development programs to help leverage skills and knowledge in various management, business, and technical fields. Recognized as a center of excellence for cultural language exchange programs, steadily offers internships to native speakers of foreign languages, while continuously evolving in to a regional learning hub that has been helping its students become language proficient world class managers and business professionals. GrowSkills has trained over 40,000 professionals and has no less than three thousand student enrollments per annual. 

GrowSkills is a highly driven establishment specializing in the studying abroad field since June 2006 based in Cairo, with branches in Dokki - Egypt & London UK Currently representing over 150 universities and language schools in following 13 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Latvia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.


Through our professional team and partners around the globe, They are committed to providing the ideal services and supportive information to build an exceptional studying abroad experience that will satisfy our students’ needs and future aspirations.

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