Established in 2000

About El Madina Arts

We_they was founded in Alexandria, Egypt. It Works in arts and culture through training, production, culture space’s management and for supporting artists and youth initiatives. Also seeks to create culture market for artists in Alexandria as it is one from the main culture cities in the Mediterranean, and transform public spaces and marginalized areas to spaces where people can practice free expression and create a cohesive social environment characterized by persity and pluralism.

We_they believes that citizens are those who always make and produce arts and culture, and they are the developmental factor for its sustainability. We_they seeks for bringing arts and culture to be a main part of the human life and one of the main parameters for sustainable human and social development and that they are determining factors for democracy, human rights and economic growth

We_they by its work and project is keen to target the artists, youth groups and women from all different social and economic backgrounds.

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