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We_They Consultants came to existence to offer a total solution for all which face inpiduals, youth, parents and organizations in their daily life on the personal and business level…Through focusing on tangible results, we know how to make a turnaround in people’s and organizations’ lives! Join our Page for daily inspiration, engagement and mental stimulation…

We believe there is a strong need in Egypt and the Arab World to bridge the gap between words and actions, beliefs & values and their manifestation in daily conduct. The gap we suffer is in “walking the talk”; very few people follow what they say and deliver on what they promise. The gap mostly stems from their inability to reflect their values into their actions.

We at We_They believe that this gap will be over passed only if people were shown the ingredients, taught the know-how and given a step by step technique, which enable them to bridge this gap. We pride ourselves on having the psychological background coupled with real hands-on executive management experience which makes our mix of know-how unique and powerful.

We_They provides a coaching incubator and a hub to its clients and the know-how by ongoing coaching, guidance, and support. Our target is to bring to surface the cutting We_They people, which we believe is inherent in their characters. This is why We_They was so named as we deliver what our name implies; we bring forth the We_They in people, develop and craft cutting We_They products and always seek people of We_They to hire and coach.

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