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What you need to know about CMA in Dubai: Exam, Jobs and Salaries

Updated on October 12, 2018 // Created on November 18, 2015

CMA or Certified Management Accountants work in the areas of financial planning, analysis, and management decision-making.

CMA Requirements

CMA requires two years of continuous work experience which must be in a work related field such as accounting, auditing, financial analysis or budgeting. You can also complete the work experience after you have taken the CMA exam. The exam fee is USD 395 per part and does not include an entrance fee of USD 240. Once completed the CMA exam, you have seven years to prove your Financial Management experience.

Part time work experience counts but you must be working a minimum of 20 hours a week to be considered part time. Keep in mind that if you stick to a part time schedule it will take you about four years to complete. To take the exam you must become a member with IMA.  Once you are a member, you have 3 years to complete the CMA exam.

CMA Exam

The CMA Exam itself is split into two parts. Each part of the exam has 100 multiple choice questions as well as an essay portion. You should consider taking a CMA course in Dubai to help you prepare for the CMA Exam.  CMA course fees range between AED 3,750 - AED 8,000. 

You can take the CMA Exam at a Prometric exam test center.

  • Part One of the CMA Exam covers financial reporting, planning, budget topics and cash management topics.
  • Part Two of the CMA Exam covers tests your knowledge of financial statements analysis, risk management and investment decisions.

Before taking the exam, make sure you have registered on IMAs website and read through their handbook to see if you meet the requirements. After being registered you must pass both the CMA Exam parts within 3 years. When you have passed your exam and met the eligibility requirements you will receive your certification however you will need 30 hours of continuing education credits annually in order to maintain your certification.

CMA Job Opportunities

Management accounting focuses on internal company decision-making. If a company decides to manufacture a product and they think they need to outsource the work, that consists of making a management decision. Since CMAs tend to fill in upper management roles responsible for decision making, you have the ability to fill important roles such as an operations manager.

When applying for a job keep in mind on which exam topics you enjoyed while gaining the CMA certification. This will help you make an informative decision when applying for different positions. The salary for CMA jobs in Dubai will vary depending on which position you try and fill. Payscale has a great range of salaries for CMA qualified positions.

Start preparing for your CMA!

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