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How can Cooking and Baking Classes in Dubai kickstart your Culinary Career

Updated on October 12, 2018 // Created on November 17, 2015

The road to becoming a chef is not an easy one. It requires hard work and dedication to achieve your career goals in the culinary arts field. Before even thinking about taking cooking classes in Dubai, you must ask yourself if you are passionate about starting a career in the culinary field. As with any career, there are many fields in which you can pursue.

In terms of the Culinary Arts, there are many aspects which you must question such as which cuisine would I want to cook?, Do you want to specialize in deserts?, or maybe you have an affinity for baked goods?(Have a look at our baking classes in Dubai)

How to start your career?

Here are some steps to start your Cooking Career

  1. Get a Job at a restaurantDon’t expect to start at the top because you won’t but it will give you valuable experience and learn how a restaurant works. Could you handle the pressure of helping to serve food to many customers because if someone doesn’t like your food they will send it back and it give you a negative review.
  2. Practice cooking at home through tv cooking lessons: You will need to become proficient in the kitchen not only at cooking but with your knife skills. In restaurants you will not have the leisure of taking your time, you must be efficient in order to serve food in a timely manner. In the end you must be able to speak food. You should keep up with the latest trends and even write reviews to better understand the culinary world. Practice cooking for others it will help you cook under pressure.
  3. Have a passion for the culinary arts field: Visit new restaurants and get a feel on how they run the daily operations of the restaurant. Change up your reading material and start reading reviews and books from prominent chefs to absorb yourself into the culinary world.  Enrolling yourself in a baking lesson at one of your local baking schools is also a good use of your time.

Get a Culinary Arts Education

Having a culinary arts education is not a prerequisite but it will give you a leg up on helping you start your career. A lot of the culinary courses will cover a wide variety of subjects in nutrition, sanitary food preparation techniques, butchery, pastry making, and other basic cooking knowledge. You should also find an internship. Some programs will help you find one but if not you should go find one yourself. Getting certified by taking a cooking course in Dubai will also help a lot as it makes you stand out by showing you have some knowledge in the culinary arts.

Job opportunities

Once you have successfully attained a certificate by taking cooking classes, you can start applying for cooking jobs. Just be sure you have some work experience that you hopefully should have attained by doing internships or basic kitchen work in a restaurant. You must also understand that you will not be starting at the top of the food chain in the kitchen. You will start at the bottom and will have to prove yourself to work to the top. Eventually you can become a Sous Chef or even an Executive Head Chef. The last piece of advice is to stay at the top of your field. Always know the latest food trends and eat good food.

Knowing your industry is the best way to stay at the top!

Kickstart your cooking career!

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